Minced Media began as an online project, launched June 2004 by business and technical writer Kim M. Bayne. Yes, that’s me. My project’s original purpose was to research and document social media strategies and tactics.

Shortly after starting research, I also felt the need to blog. And blog I did, about anything and everything that peaked my interest. You may have come across some of my earlier, irreverent posts. Eventually, my writing evolved, as did my project.

The Minced Media blog now has a different purpose – to share knowledge, real knowledge, not just opinion. I hope it’ll make for a better work day for you and your colleagues.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Minced Media – my business – offers custom services in content development and social media production. If you’d like to chat about what I can do for your company, feel free to reach out. You can also message me on Facebook or Twitter, if that works better for you.

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