What’s Up with Trendjacking? A Quick Reference Guide.

Trendjacking Example on Twitter via CoorsLight

A portmanteau of the words trend and hijacking, trendjacking is the act of temporarily applying brand content to a popular, growing interest. Think of it as a form of jumping on the hashtag bandwagon.

Trendjacking can gain attention for your brand by leveraging a top news story (aka newsjacking), event, meme, axiom or slang du jour, entertainment property, or other cultural sensation. It can be a playful way for brands to join the discussion.

Trendjacking is more marketing art than science. Its success depends on several factors, e.g., good timing, that “ah-hah” moment, an acute perception of a trend’s nuances, the luck of the draw, etc. Trendjacking activities can be risky; there are plenty of “meh” or failed attempts around the Web. It can backfire, even when well-intentioned, so tread carefully.

Trendjacking is an effective social media tactic, best done when executed in an original, relatable manner.  An appropriate sense of humor helps, too.

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trendjacking example twitter via oreo

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